Espresso Coffee Machine


Espresso Coffee Machine



Multifunctional 15 bar coffee machine

  • Multifunctional 15 bar coffee machine: our espresso machine is equipped with a 15 bar high pressure pump, provides the right pressure for extraction, guarantees the optimal pressure to extract espresso efficiently. With the espresso machine, we can get perfect cappuccino, espresso, mocha or macchiato.
  • 3 extraction modes: this portafilter machine has preset single and double cup settings and you can also manually control the coffee machine. Single cup is preset to 40ml of coffee, and double cup is preset to 80ml of coffee. A single cup filter and a double cup filter are also supplied, which is more convenient for new users.
  • Independent dual temperature control: this coffee machine is equipped with 2 independent temperature controls that regulate the temperature of water and milk foam separately to ensure temperature stability and coffee taste. With this quick heating system, you can make coffee in a few minutes.
  • Easy frothing with adjustable steam: 15 bar espresso coffee machine with steam nozzle quickly produces milk foam. With the rotary knob on the side of the espresso machine, the steam intensity can be easily adjusted. It can completely mix steam, air and milk together so you can get a rich, creamy foam.
  • Easy to clean: the drip tray can collect spilled coffee and water stains and keep your work surface tidy and clean. Drip tray, steam nozzle, water tank and filter of the coffee machine can all be removed to conveniently clean the portafilter machine.

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